Bridal Hairstyles

From your wedding dress over your bridal bouquet up to your make-up: for your wedding day, everything has to be perfect. And of course, also an amazing bridal hairstyle must not be missing! A classic bun, romantic braids, elegantly pinned up hair or simply worn openly: choosing your bridal hairstyle, you have nearly endless possibilities.

A classical up-do is timeless and very elegant. With different accessories, it can be designed very individually. Also here you have a big range of options that reaches form hair clips, flowers, feathers or pins to hair circlets or hair ribbons. Depending on which accessories you choose, they can make your look either romantic or elegant.

Braid hairstyles are especially popular for weddings during the summer. Be it a classic and simple French Braid or a hairstyle with complex braided elements – a braided hairstyle is always perfectly suited for a wedding and gives your look a special and romantic touch. This kind of hairstyle can be ornamented by accessories like flowers or clips as well.

The current trend concerning bridal hairstyles are those styles which do not look too complex but are still perfectly styled. Especially a half up-do, where the hair is only partly pinned up, is popular at the moment. It looks natural and elegant at the same time, radiates lightness and is perfectly suited for both longer and shorter hair.

Bridal Hairstyles

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