Getting married in Tuscany 

Tuscany offers some of the most famous sightseeing destinations in Italy such as the leaning tower of Pisa, the cathedral of San Gimignano or the renaissance architectural glories of Florence. With a beautiful landscape Tuscany is the ideal frame for a destination wedding in Europe.

Tuscany can be the perfect location for a dream wedding. The glorious Italian region is home to beautiful nature, delicious cuisine and wines, and no shortage of art and architectural treasures to explore. What better setting for a truly fairy-tale wedding celebration?

Boasting beautiful rustic agriturismos, (or farm stays), antique castles and elegant villas Tuscany can be a perfect place to host a wedding party. Imagine the glory and finery of superbly organised festivities among the olive groves and charming Tuscan countryside.

Tuscany: The Ideal Location for Weddings, Private Parties, Family Reunions & Birthdays

Tuscany can be the ideal location for all kinds of weddings and private events such as family reunions and birthdays.  The region offers a full range of matrimonial ceremonies from civil partnerships and symbolic weddings to traditional unions of every type of church denomination. Hiring an experienced wedding planner familiar with Tuscany can often be of great assistance in negotiating with possible venues. The region is a fantastic place to visit at all times of the year and can offer a wedding party every opportunity to create a wonderful event. With the chance to hire a prestigious and luxurious palazzo for a formal wedding ceremony, every group can enjoy the very best of Tuscan style and dedication to posterity.

There are a wealth of reasons as to why Tuscany should be first and foremost in the thoughts of everyone planning a wedding. Incredible weather, cultural and historical delights and the finest cuisine and wines should all be more than enough to salivate and intrigue.

Getting married in Tuscany

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