A Protestant marriage in Italy is quite easy to plan, since there are only a few restrictions. For a Protestant wedding it is required that one of the spouses has been baptized as a Christian.
Couples that wish to get married in Italy with a protestant wedding ceremony are advised to celebrate their civil ceremony a few days before the date of the protestant wedding. The civil marriage might either be celebrated in the home country of the couple or directly in Italy. For a protestant wedding the couple should get in contact with a protestant pastor a few month before the wedding date.

A protestant wedding in Italy with a protestant ceremony leaves much space for own creativity. The guests and the couple are invited to participate actively during the ceremony. The couple can choose scriptural readings or symbolic acts like exchanging a rose. In Italy a protestant ceremony can be held in churches and also in private villas, Italian gardens, castles, palaces or any other location.

There are many different ceremonies for a Protestant wedding in Italy. Normally all of them include a welcome, a reading and a Declaration of Consent. Furthermore a Protestant wedding includes the exchange of rings and the vows as well as the Lord’s Prayer and of course the signing of documents in the end.

A protestant ceremony might also include special symbolic moments such as the “Secret Promise”, the “Unity Candle Ceremony” or the “Spouses Brindisi”.

The “Secret Promise” is a passage the bride and the grooms will read to each other for the first time during the ceremony.

During the “Unity Candle Ceremony” the bride and groom light together a candle that represents their union. This ceremony can also involve children or the mother of the bride or the groom. the two candles together a third candle that represents their Union.

The “Spouses Brindisi” is a typically Italian tradition. It is the toast at the end of the ceremony and it can only be done by spouses, witnesses, parents. Traditionally the bride’s fathers pours wine in the glasses and the mothers offer them to the bride and the groom. The bride and groom exchange their glasses and toasts with all guests.

For married couples there can be held a ceremony remarking the renewal of wedding vows. This ceremony can be also held for a silver or golden wedding anniversary. For a renewal of wedding vows there are no special requirements necessary. However, it is important to talk before with the Pastor.

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