Do It Yourself Projects for destination weddings in Italy 

Already last year, DIY projects for weddings have been very popular – and they continue to be a trend this year. We would like to take this opportunity to present you some ideas and inspirations how to give your wedding a very personal and individual touch.

Floral table decoration: Fresh and colourful flowers – from pastel colours up to colourful and intense shades – decorate every wedding table and are the perfect decor element for spring and summer weddings. Many decorations can easily be made by yourself, become an amazing eye catcher and additionally help you saving money. Therefore, we would like to give you an easy instruction for a gentle and elegant floral decoration. What you need: vases in different sizes, shrub roses in 3 different nuances of one colour (e.g. red, rose and pink) and a garden scissor – and off you go!

Step 1: Fill all vases up to the middle with water. Remove thorns and leaves from the stem.

Step 2: Cut the roses to the preferred length (depending on the size of the vase!)
Tip: By cutting the roses to different lengths, you get a very loose and personal touch in the whole arrangement.

Step 3: Arrange some roses to a bouquet and pull some of the nicest roses – depending on amount and size of the bouquets – upwards in order to make them stand out. Thereby you should always choose one single nuance for each vase.

Step 4: Fill the vases with the arranged bouquets and spread them along the table – either starting with the lightest shade up to the darkest or alternating in order to create a colourful mix. Next to it, you can decorate the table with little tea light holders, glass crystals or glass stones in the same colours like the one of the flowers.

Flower hair accessories: This year, flowers are the decor element for weddings – and, in addition, the perfect accessory to give your bridal hairstyle that little extra. With the help of our instructions, every bride can create her own personal hair accessory and can be sure to wear something unique and matchless.

You need: 1 silk rose (or of course any other flower; orientate yourself on the shades and style you are going to use for the wedding decoration), 1 butterfly hair slide, a glue gun, fine wire and a sewing needle

Step 1: Cut off the stem of the silk rose (as close as possible to the bloom)

Step 2: Heat up the glue gun (our tip: work with glue sticks)

Step 3: Apply a little bit of the hot glue to the end of the butterfly hair slide (to the point, where you press the slide to open it)

Step 4: Press the slide for circa 30 seconds to the bottom side of the rose until the glue sticks to the rose.

Step 5: As soon as the glue has dried, take the wire and the needle and fix the rose on the hair slide by pricking 2-3 times in the middle of the silk rose and threading the wire around the slide.

Step 6: Afterwards, the hair accessory should at least rest for one night so that the glue can dry. At your big day, you can easily decorate your hairstyle with the flower accessory with the help of the butterfly hair slide.

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