Autumn Wedding in Umbria

As a wedding planner, I am often asked what the best time of the year is for a wedding. Is it better to get married in the spring when the weather is cooler, or will the hot summer months make for a perfect open air celebration? What about autumn, or even winter? Ultimately, it is always a matter of personal taste. It is possible to get the best out of every season, as each one has its own advantages and is special in its own way.

Personally, I love to plan romantic weddings in late summer or autumn. There is something magical about this time of year, when the landscape turns into a colourful sea of different shades and the last rays of the sun peek through leaf-covered trees. It is also a time of year, especially in Italy, when it is still pleasantly warm. Weddings do not always need to take place in the summer months, which is why Jacqueline and Fabian chose to set their wedding date in October.

The magique of Umbrian castles 

The first question we all faced was where the wedding should take place. There were many choices, but the couple decided on an ancient castle near the Umbrian town of Perugia, the perfect location for a baroque autumn wedding. The region of Umbria is an ideal setting for weddings in late summer and autumn, as nearly three quarters of the region is covered in beautiful hilly landscapes. The capital city, Perugia, is a lovely old town that is situated on a mountain and offers spectacular views over the surrounding hills. Sit on a terrace in the city with a cup of cappuccino and a few Baci Perugina, the delicious nougat pralines for which Perugia is famous, to really enjoy the relaxed Italian dolce vita way of life.

Jacqueline and Fabian celebrated their wedding with 35 guests, who mostly came from southern Germany. They flew to Rome and travelled from there to the wedding location. The couple held their civil ceremony in a medieval theatre, taking their vows up on the stage. After the ceremony, the new bride and groom and the wedding party went to an ancient castle, where they enjoyed a delicious four course meal served in a rustically decorated hall with copper tableware. The wedding cake also had metallic accents, and guests enjoyed a candy bar. The festivities continued with a live band that get everyone up and dancing.

The combination of the enchanting hilly landscape, the magnificent castle as the backdrop for the wedding party and the unique atmosphere made this couple’s special day more than a little bit special. It was a wonderful day that this wedding planner will remember for a very long time!

Wedding dress in Italy

Civil wedding ceremony in Umbria

Wedding party in Umbria after civil ceremony

castle in Umbria

Metallic accents for wedding decoration


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