Renewal of Wedding Vows

Renewal of wedding vows in Italy

The renewal of wedding vows in Italy can be chosen by any married couple wishing to celebrate renewing their marriage vows in a personal ceremony in Italy.

The re-affirmation of vows or renewal of vows can be celebrated in the most charming locations in Italy like beautiful Italian gardens, antique palaces or beautiful private villas, since there are no restrictions by law regarding the procedure of a Symbolic wedding in Italy.

The renewal of vows symbolizes an ongoing commitment to each other. This is also an opportunity to say thank you for the love and friendship the couple has shared throughout their married life.

A renewal of vows in Italy can also be associated with a special wedding anniversary. A symbolic wedding in Italy is perfect for celebrating an important moment with special people like friends, children or parents.

A symbolic wedding or a renewal of vows in Italy can be arranged in the same way as a marriage ceremony, including introductions, vows and music.

Together with our professional wedding speaker or minister you will select the single elements of the wedding ceremony to create an unique event that you and your guests will always remember!

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