Wedding In A Castle In Tuscany

A wedding in a castle in Italy is what many people have their hearts set on. With a history dating back to classical times, Tuscany is a place of stunning natural loveliness and architectural splendour, artistic creativity and enchanting culture has drawn seekers after beauty from all over the world. Tuscany is where the Italian Renaissance began, where savouring the joys of fine food and drink are taken seriously and slowly, and where the feudal past has left a heritage of city walls, watch towers and castles. Ah yes, the castles. Can you imagine the elegance and joy of your wedding in a castle in Italy, and specifically your wedding in a castle in Tuscany?

The Bliss Of A Wedding In A Castle In Tuscany
Tuscany is renowned for the vast number of antique historic castles built during the Middle Ages. From the 10th century onwards, fortifications sprang up throughout the Tuscan countryside. Many of these remain in remarkably well preserved condition even today, and remain in everyday use. For a wedding venue Tuscan castle surroundings present an opportunity to celebrate the most important day of your life in an ambience of tranquillity, beauty and historical significance. What could be more romantic than a wedding in a castle in Tuscany?

Your Wedding Venue Tuscan Castle
A wedding in a castle in Italy is a dream for many a couples.
These romantic and antique fortresses were built in dominant defensive positions and offer superb views over the surrounding countryside. Over olive groves, grapes ripening on their vines, bright yellow sunflowers nodding in the heat of the day, lushly forested hills or even mountains your wedding venue Tuscan castle will offer a vantage over a breathtaking panorama. And just imagine your wedding reception illuminated by torches and candles in a room decorated with colourful old frescoes.

Why A Wedding In A Castle In Tuscany?
From Pisa in the north to the isle of Elba in the south, Tuscany is a land of exquisite beauty. After your wedding in a castle in Italy you might wish to savour the delights of Florence, Pisa , Siena and the many idyllic walled towns perched upon hilltops. Your wedding venue Tuscan castle will be a dream come true for your and your guests!

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Castle wedding in an elegant atmosphere

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