Paperwork Requirements for US Citizens

Civil wedding in Italy and required documents for US citizens

A civil marriage in Italy for Americans is not as difficult as it might seem!

Here are some advises for couples that want to get married in Italy with a civil wedding ceremony:

Step 1: The couple should get a copy of the following documents in the United States:

  • Passport
  • naturalization certificate
  • Birth certificate (certified copy), which shows the names of both parents
  • Evidence of termination of any previous marriage (final divorce or annulment decree or death certificate)

Please note: For each document there is necessary to obtain an APOSTILLE. (AUTHENTICATION OF DOCUMENTS)

Step: 2 Translation of documents in Italian

Step: 3 Go with the documents to the nearest Italian consulate in the States and let the translations be certified by an Italian Consulate officer

Step: 4 Make a declaration (“atto notorio”) , sworn to by four witnesses before an Italian consular officer in the United States stating that according to the laws to which the citizen is subject in the United States there is no obstacle to his or her marriage

Step: 5 Send us the documents and we will take care of the rest here in Italy.

The sworn declaration (“atto notorio”) can also be obtained in Italy but we really advise all American couples that want to get married in Italy to get the sworn declaration before leaving their home.

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