Same-sex Wedding

Same-sex weddings in Italy 

Italy has finally joined in: same-sex marriages are now possible on the Italian peninsula! A couple of years ago, Italy followed many other European countries in passing a law allowing civil marriage between homosexual couples.

This law marks a special step for many Italian couples, letting them put an official seal on their partnership. And, for homosexual couples who want a same-sex ceremony abroad, Italy has finally opened its doors!

Same-sex marriages: civil or symbolic 

Before the law was passed, only symbolic marriages were possible, but now same-sex couples in Italy can finally celebrate with a legal civil wedding. And, of course, if same-sex marriages are legal in your own country, your Italian wedding will be valid there as well. To achieve this, our team will help you with all the necessary documentation and administrative procedures.

Of course, in addition to a civil same-sex marriage, symbolic marriages are still possible. These offer the advantage of designing a ceremony according to the couple’s personal wishes. As for the choice of location and marriage service, the only limits are your imagination. A traditional-style wedding ceremony in Italy makes a great addition to a civil marriage ceremony held in your home country.

Locations for same-sex weddings in Italy 

Italy has many fantastic locations for your same-sex marriage! As well as romantic registry offices, there are Italian gardens, villas or wineries. Of course, your chosen venue must have a permit to hold civil wedding ceremonies. We are happy to advise you on possible Italian locations. For symbolic weddings, on the other hand, you are spoilt for choice: in the open air, on the beach, in a marina or even a rooftop terrace overlooking the Florence skyline. A symbolic ceremony can be held anywhere you choose! 

 Wedding planning for same-sex marriages 

We look forward to organising your same-sex wedding in Italy! As well as having years of event and wedding planning experience, our team always works with great attention to detail. We support you through the A to Z of planning and organising your wedding in Italy. Contact us for a personalised, no-obligation quote – we look forward to meeting you! 

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