Valpolicella Wedding 

Weddings in Valpolicella – in the hills between Lakes Verona and Garda

Valpolicella is a wine making region of Northern Italy, in the province of Veneto. The Valpolicella region offers the perfect frame for vineyard weddings and antique private villa weddings in Northern Italy. A wedding in the Valpolicella region would be truly memorable. It’s proximity to Verona and the splendid Lake Garda also makes Valpolicella an ideal starting point for unforgettable day trips.

Local wines from here are not only the oenophile’s triumph but are also admired across the world. In particular Amarone and Recioto – two full-bodied red wines – have placed the hills of Valpolicella on the map and have achieved great fame worldwide. Vines harvested here include Valpolicella Classica, Valpolicella Valpantena and Valpolicella Orientale which are characterised in light summer wines with a nutty flavour.

Perfect Valpolicella wedding venues: Private villas, romantic country inns (Agriturismo, Holiday farm)

The picturesque vineyards of Valpolicella are dotted in a romantic landscape of green plateaux with orchards, olive trees, rustic estates and elegant villas in the traditional Venetian form. The closeness of Lakes Garda and Verona gives ample scope for day trips too. In addition to the acclaimed wines, this is a quiet and peaceful location with convenient geography. Many visitors also come to Valpolicella to sample its distinguished cuisine. Local trattorias, osterias and restaurant offer fresh dishes showcasing local produce all washed down with a glass of local wine, naturally.

The charming farmhouses and romantic vineyards amid beautiful rolling hills are the epitome of romance. A typical rustic Italian villa may provide the perfect setting for a unique and idyllic Italian wedding.

Pretty cottages in the country style or stunning villas with gorgeous halls and frescoed ceilings, private pools, and large gardens can provide an authentic Italian ambience.  These elegant Venetian buildings are suitable for very large weddings or more intimate gatherings. Whether you wish for a Catholic, Protestant, or secular service, for weddings or civil partnerships, all of this can be arranged.

Thanks to our vast portfolio of most gorgeous chateau-style wineries in the Valpolicella wine producing region and our experience as event and wedding planner in Northern Italy we can make your wedding day a memorable day for you and your guests.

We can organize all type of wedding ceremonies in a winery or Valpolicella villa:

  • Catholic ceremony
  • Anglican/Protestant Blessing
  • Civil binding ceremony
  • Blessing or symbolic ceremony
  • Renewal of vow

Vineyard wedding in Valpolicella region

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