Wedding in Piedmont

Wonderful landscapes away from mass tourism

In contrast to many other Italian regions, which have been a favourite tourist destination for guests from all over the world for decades, Piedmont has up to now been less developed in a touristic sense. In addition to the capital, Turin or other famous regions such as Langhe Roero or Monferrato or cities such as Vercelli, Alessandria or Asti – known for its wine and champagne. It is mainly the small towns of Barolo, Monferrato, Alba or even the villages in the Langhe region such as Monforte which draw visitors under their spell. Many areas are a real insider’s tip! The sustainable tourism focuses on nature lovers, hikers and winter sports enthusiasts and wine tourism – no wonder, because the scenic region has so much to offer. Piedmont, which translates as “at the foot of the mountains”, features green hills, medieval castles, numerous Romanesque monasteries and churches, and an endless chain of vineyards and small villages. This beautiful, dreamy landscape is absolutely predestined for a romantic Italian wedding away from the usual tourist regions.

Authentic Italy in an absolutely gourmet region

Piedmont is not only one of the largest regions in Italy, it is also one of the richest areas in the country. In addition to modern industry and famous companies such as Fiat or Ferrero, agriculture is particularly important. The cultivation of rice, fruit, vegetables and hazelnuts plays an important role. Not to be missed are also the world-famous wines such as Barolo, Barbera and Barbaresco. Particularly noteworthy here is the Langhe region, which welcomes its visitors with exquisite wine and truffles. Let yourself be spoiled by a delicious wedding menu and enjoy the best delicacies of the region.

Wedding in Piedmont

Absolute plus point at a wedding in the Piedmont: the great value for money! In this region, the fee for the location itself is often low, which makes the cost of the celebration simply unbeatable. In addition, there are delightful villas, delicious menus at great prices and homemade wines. Another advantage over other Italian regions is the geographical location of Piedmont. While it takes a few hours to reach many destinations, it is just a stone’s throw in the north-west of Piedmont – especially from Switzerland. For a romantic wedding in the midst of colourful vineyards we recommend, for example the Relais San Maurizio. This is perfect for large, impressive wedding parties. But for small intimate parties, countless charming venues can be found in Piedmont. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding, individual consultation.

Piedmont landscape


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