Civil wedding in Verona & Protestant, Catholic or Symbolic Wedding in Verona 

A wedding in Verona stands for its romance, history and distinct Italian flair.

Verona is one of our favourite towns in Northern Italy. With a perfect geographic location close to Venice, Lake Garda and the picturesque Valpolicella area with beautiful vineyards and villages Verona is the perfect location for an unforgetable destination wedding in Italy.

There are numerous charming wedding venues for civil weddings in Verona:  You might celebrate your wedding in the famous Juliet’s house, only a few paces from Piazza Erbe.

A small marble balcony records the most famous verses of Shakespeare’s tragedy, in which Romeo declares his love for Juliet as she stands on the balcony. This was the house where the beautiful Juliet lived. It probably dates back to the 13th century.

Another choice for your civil wedding could be the “Guarienti” Hall that receives up to 40 people in a beautiful frescoed room near the Tomb of Juliet or the “Cappella dei Notai” into the beautiful “Ragione” Palace.

But it is not simply locations we can help with. We help our clients to get the necessary documents, we can arrange the ceremony, the catering, the photographer, the accommodation – every single element you need to make the day perfect for you and your guests. All our arrangements are tailor-made and underpinned with an organisational precision which ensures nothing is left to chance for your wedding in Verona.

For those couples, that wish to celebrate a protestant wedding in Verona we have some fabulous options: A protestant wedding ceremony in Verona can be hold in two of the city’s historic civil wedding halls: the Casa di Giulietta (House of Julia) and in the Sala Guarienti hall.

Wedding Reception in Verona

For an unforgettable wedding reception there are many beautiful villas in or around Verona. Verona offers a vast number of magnificent castles, palaces or gardens and restaurants.

Just contact our wedding planner for more information on civil marriages, catholic marriages, protestant marriages or symbolic weddings in Verona.

Authenic Italian flair in Verona

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