Wedding Entertainment

For an unforgettable wedding, a terrific wedding entertainment must not be missing! The wedding entertainment, wedding music and the lighting are the most important elements as they create a unique mood and make your wedding party unforgettable. In addition, also performance artists and impressing live acts can turn your party into a matchless event.

Music & Lighting

The wedding music determines the ambience of your wedding party and is the thing people most often remember. The type of music you choose depends on various factors: apart from your personal taste, also your budget, the venue and the guest demographics play an essential role. Which genre is most suitable for your guests? And what ambience should be created? Questions like these are determinant for the choice of your wedding music.

From jazz bands over classical music up to cool DJs and bands: there are no limits to your imagination! You wish to have a string quartet that performs Coldplay, tenors or sopranos who sing songs like Ave Maria, a harpist who accompanies your wedding ceremony or a cool DJ who plays his electric sounds in the most popular clubs? We work with the best musicians and DJs and are happy to help you with the choice of your wedding music!

Also the way the music is delivered – by a DJ or a live band – can affect the ambience of your reception. DJs usually cost less than bands and have a huge and balanced repertoire of songs which allows mixing different music styles for all ages. However also a band is a great experience and offers the pleasure of an unforgettable live performance. Regardless of whether you choose a live band or a DJ, you should always make sure that they play slow and fast as well as old and new songs, in order to reach all tastes and age groups.

Apart from music, also lighting is a central element of your wedding party. It has not only functional but also aesthetic functions. The lighting can create a stunning and matchless mood and – done well – it can make everything look even better. From storm lamps, torches and candles up to cool light effects on the dancefloor: with the perfect lighting, your wedding party will become a unique and unforgettable experience!

Live acts

You wish to have something absolutely matchless for your wedding reception? Apart from music and lighting, also live acts – for example during the breaks or as evening program – can provide the perfect entertainment. From clowns over entertainers and moderators up to acrobats, tightrope artists and magicians – with the perfect entertainment there will be no chance for boredom and your wedding will receive a very personal and unique touch.


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