Bridal Bouquet Toss
The toss of the bridal bouquet is doubtless one of the most popular wedding traditions: all unmarried, female guests form a group around the bride, who turns her back on the group and tosses her bouquet into the crowd. But where does this tradition come from? And what exactly does it mean?

The tradition of the bouquet toss goes back to the Middle Ages
The bride did not expect to wear her dress again and it was considered good luck and a symbol of fertility, single women ripped pieces off the dress. As wedding dresses became more expensive over the years and it became traditional to keep them as a memento or to pass on to a daughter, brides began to throw other objects like the garter or the bridal bouquet – a tradition that exists by today.

But what does it mean for the woman who catches the bouquet?
Equally as previously the pieces of the dress, also the bridal bouquet symbolizes luck and fertility. That is the reason why the woman who catches it is said to be the next to marry. As it is usually the man who does the wedding proposal it is also a good possibility to prompt him a little: when a woman catches the bouquet and is very happy about it, she makes clear that he could dare a proposal. Therefore it is not surprising, that many guests want to catch the sought bouquet at all costs!

Time and versions of tossing the bouquet
The time of tossing the bridal bouquet can be various: some brides toss it right after the ceremony, others at midnight or by the end of the party, some even not until the departure to their honeymoon.

Apart from the classical version of tossing the bouquet turning the back on the group, there are also a number of other options: one alternative is to do a kind of “roulette”: the bride is blindfolded and all the female unmarried women form a circle around her. Afterwards, the groom turns the bride and the music starts. The women are rotating around the bride and as soon as the music quits, she gives the bouquet to the woman right in front of her. Another possibility is to ruffle the bouquet. In addition, there is also the tradition of throwing the garter: in this case, it is the groom who throws the garter into the crowd of all the unmarried, male guests. Afterwards, you can make the couple that caught the bouquet and the garter dance together. However, no matter which option you are going to choose: tossing the bridal bouquet will ensure lots of fun and entertainment!

Bridal Bouquet Toss

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