Elegant Vineyard Wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany – with its rolling hills, olive groves, cypress trees and rustic stone villas. The dreamiest of weddings happen right here, like this romantic vineyard wedding in Tuscany. It’s an intimate ceremony surrounded by natural beauty that’ll have you seeing blush!

When Anastasia and Ilja were choosing a location for their wedding, they decided there could really be no better place than an authentic Italian villa & vineyard, overlooking the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany. From the decoration of the welcome evening with a rustic Tuscan buffet to the florals, the decor, the food and drink on their wedding day they kept the details elegant and minimalistic as well as authentic to the Tuscan region.

The most important aspect for them was to let the beauty of their surroundings and their love for each other shine, and for all of their guests to really enjoy the wedding celebration with this stunning romantic backdrop and delicious Italian food.

With a picturesque setting like this, minimal decor is needed (really, nothing can outdo that view anyway)

Sneak a peek at our pictures:

Setting for a symbolic wedding ceremony in Tuscany


Wedding Balloons

Bride dancing


Vineyard in Tuscany Italy

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