Elopement Wedding in Venice – Get married like the Hollywood stars and famous footballers

Actor George Clooney and his Amal, or footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger and his wife, professional tennis player, Ana Ivanovic: All of them said yes in the lagoon city of Venice. Venice is a fantastic backdrop for weddings, but not only for stars. Especially for civil weddings with small groups, this city in the Veneto region is also suitable for everyone.

Our wedding couple, Sonja and Markus also celebrated a small, but fine wedding in the lagoon city. Encircled by a small family group, they both said yes to each other in a civil wedding ceremony. An original Venetian palace was, of course, suitable as the backdrop. In hardly any other city is the water as important as in Venice. That is why there was only one real means of transport for the newlyweds – a gondola. On the water, Sonja and Markus were able to sip champagne and eat small snacks and enjoy the scenery of the old stately palaces.

Venice offers a wonderful backdrop for unique wedding photos, but not only from the waterfront. During a walk through Venice, with our bride and groom, Sonja and Markus, our photographer took magical images in the small, narrow streets and thus captured the charm of the city, far from the tourist hot spots, for the pictures.

When the tourists have left the city in the evening, Venice shows a completely different side of itself, showing how it once was when Giacomo Casanova roamed the streets. When it has become quiet on the streets, the terraces above the city’s rooftops offer a unique view of the city. Almost all the best restaurants in the city have such a rooftop terrace.

And so, Sonja and Markus, together with their guests also finished off the evening with a dinner above the rooftops of Venice. Original wines from the region and genuine Venetian dishes rounded off the wedding day for Sonja and Markus in the lagoon city of Venice.

Elopement Wedding in Venice

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