The Italian „Aperitivo“

An aperitif is a traditionally important part of the Italian food culture – and of course, it must not be missing at a wedding in Italy as well! Usually, the aperitif takes places right after the wedding ceremony or before the dinner. This offers the possibility for the wedding guests to get together after the ceremony in a more relaxed atmosphere just right before the dinner. The wedding guests will have a bit of time to talk, to get to know new people and to look forward to the festive dinner and the following party together.

One of the most popular aperitif drinks at the moment is “Spritz”, made of Prosecco, Aperol or Campari and sparkling water, as well as an orange slice which adds some color to the drink and gives the Spritz its typical, slightly bitter taste. Moreover, sparkling wines like Prosecco, Franciacorta, Moscato D’Asti or Lambrusco are enjoying great popularity. Also beer is becoming more and more popular in Italy. Further typical drinks for an “Aperitivo” are Campari, Aperol or Martini, which is either drunk pure or serves as base for cocktails such as “Negroni” or “Manhattan”.

Our recipe tip for weddings: the Aperol Spritz (the most loved and widespread drink in Italy!)

3 cl liqueur (Aperol)
6 cl Prosecco
a dash of sparkling water
1 orange slice
some ice cubes

Add the orange slice and the ice cubes to a large wine glass. Then fill it with Aperol, Prosecco and sparkling water and serve it with a straw.

For a classical aperitif, also a little snack must not be missing! A typical Italian snack for a perfect aperitivo are small pizza or pasta bits, fried vegetables, small vegetable skewers, puff pastry, Parmesan slivers or the like. Also “Tramezzini” – small sandwiches in different variations- or “Salumi” like Parma ham or Milanese salami are very popular. Another classical aperitif which is perfect especially during the hot summer month is “Pinzimonio”. This aperitif consists of raw vegetables sticks served with a sauce of oil, salt and – if desired- pepper, lime juice or vinegar.

Italian Aperitivo

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