The Best Italian Wedding Cakes

The history of the wedding cake in Italy goes back to the beginnings of the Roman Empire. One of the most important traditions on the wedding day is the cutting of the wedding cake and therefore one of the most important parts of the celebration ceremony.

Italian wedding cakes are made from deliciously fresh ingredients with an elegant decor.

This is our selection of the best Italian wedding cakes:


Our absolute favorite among Italian wedding cakes is the “Millefoglie”. Literally translated ” thousand layers ” and refers to a traditional Italian cake made ​​of puff pastry filled with a light cream from mascarpone to chocolate and decorated with delicious fresh fruit as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries or blueberries dusted with white powdered sugar. The Millefoglie wedding cake can have different customized shapes such as heart-shaped or round. This delicious cake is definitely our favorite cake for summer weddings!

Classic white wedding cake

The “white wedding cake” is the classic Italian wedding cake. A layer of white cream or “panna” is applied to a pie crust made ​​from shortcrust pastry . This cake can be filled with fruit or chocolate cream and usually features an elegant and creative decoration. The shape and size of the classic white wedding cake is flexible according to the “gusto” of the bride & groom or the size of the wedding party.

Crostata di Frutta

For those couples that prefer wedding cakes without the classic cream the “crostata di frutta” – or fruit cake – could be the perfect option.  A pie crust made ​​from shortcrust pastry is decorated – as you desire  – with fresh and delicious fruit. To decorated the cake usually are used strawberries, blueberries or raspberries as well as peaches. This Italian fruit cake symbolizes fertility according to ancient tradition and the hope of to have many children together.

Profiterole cake

Even in the era of the Medici , the Profiterole cake was already a very popular cake. Made up of many small round pastries filled with custard and set to a small tower this cake is coated with delicious chocolate and decorated with cream.

The best Italian Wedding Cakes

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