Venice is by far the most popular destination for an unforgettable and romantic wedding ceremony in Italy.

The beautiful lagoon city in northeastern Italy is popular with couples from all over the world who want a civil or religious wedding ceremony. The enchanting canals, ancient palaces, private terraces and public squares as well as the picturesque alleys provide the perfect romantic setting for the most memorable wedding photos.

Catholic wedding ceremonies in Venice
Religious ceremonies can be celebrated in churches like the Basilica del Redentore, which was built in the 16th century by the famous architect, Andrea Palladio. Besides boasting an impressive white marble exterior, the interior of the church features fascinating paintings by world-famous Italian painters such as Domenico Tintoretto and Paolo Veronese. The “Il Redentore” church on the island of Giudeca is particularly suitable for large weddings.

 Jewish wedding ceremonies in Venice
Venice has 5 synagogues, which were built before 1700. These synagogues are always open for weddings. However, we recommend that you book your church wedding ceremony in advance. If the Jewish wedding ceremony is to be held by a Reform Rabbi, it’d also be possible to have an open-air ceremony or a private wedding in an ancient palace.

Anglican wedding ceremonies in Venice
Another example is an Anglican wedding in Venice held in Saint George’s Anglican Church – a restored patrician palace – or in Lutheran Evangelical Church in Venice. Anglican weddings can also be celebrated in private venues, such as gardens or palaces.

Civil wedding ceremonies in Venice
For civil weddings, Venice offers a great variety of places to choose from. The world-famous sights, such as the Rialto Bridge or St. Mark’s Square as well as the Venetian gardens or palaces offer a perfect setting for wedding ceremonies. Another special place for a civil wedding is on the iconic Grand Canal in a Venetian gondola.

Our secret tip for an unforgettable wedding  in Venice is a ceremony in one of the enchanting islands of the Venetian lagoon: Mazzorbo, Torcello or Burano. Not far from the world-famous sights such as St. Mark’s Square and Rialto Bridge, you will find the most picturesque Venetian paradises. These are the perfect destinations for an unforgettable and beautiful wedding ceremony in Northern Italy.

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