Wedding Venue of the Month: Palazzo Cavalli in Venice

Lots of couples from all over the world decide to get married in Venice and regarding the romantic charm of the city, this is absolutely no surprise! Venice offers such a wide range of beautiful and unique wedding venues for protestant and symbolic as well as for civil marriages. Civil ceremonies are typically performed in the registry office of Palazzo Cavalli – and being situated in such a picturesque area, this is one of the most romantic venues for a wedding in Italy.

Palazzo Cavalli was built in 1565 and is located right at the famous Grand Canal. The Renaissance building has three floors and its facade is characterized by stone corbels and mullioned windows. The name of the building goes back to the famous Cavalli family who lived in the Palazzo one day. Later on, also the art scholar Aldo Ravà resided there. He furnished the Palazzo with paintings and furniture in the typical Venetian style of the 18th century which distributed a lot to the elegance of the Palazzo. From these rooms you have a great view to the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge.

Thus, getting married in Palazzo Cavalli in Venice, you cannot only enjoy the impressive Renaissance building of Palazzo Cavallo but also the famous canals all over the town and the charming city of Venice with all its antique Palazzi, alleys and bridges. The surroundings of Palazzo Cavalli offer amazing opportunities to make your wedding absolutely unique and exceptional:  the breathtaking scenery for instance is perfectly suitable for unforgettable wedding photos and a ride in one of the famous gondolas would be a very special experience as well. Moreover, there is a huge variety of nice venues that are perfect for a wedding reception after the ceremony.

Therefore, so much full of Italian charm, we are sure that a civil marriage in Palazzo Cavalli will definitely guarantee you an unforgettable wedding day full of romance!


Palazzo Cavalli

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