Wonderful bridal hairstyles for the perfect look: we present the hottest trends for wedding hairstyles

Besides the wedding dress, make up and accessories, the bridal hairstyle plays a key role in creating the perfect bridal look. Of course, the style of it should be fitting to the style of the wedding dress and wedding reception as well– whether cool, romantic and playful or rather modern and extravagant. Today, we focus on hairstyles and present you the hottest trends of the season – let yourself be inspired!

Fresh flowers: This year, flowers are THE wedding accessory and can – or even should – be used everywhere. Therefore, fresh flowers are perfect for turning classic and simple hairstyles into real eye-catchers. The perfect choice would be to use the same type of flowers like in the bridal bouquet – for a wonderful and consistent look.

Royal diadems and crowns: The perfect trend for those of you, who have always dreamed of being a princess for one day! Big and elegant diadems and crowns are perfectly suited for updo hairstyles and create a fairy-tale princess look.

Pure elegance: Even brides with a short bob haircut do not need to renounce spectacular and elegant hairstyles. Just curl your hair-ends inwards, backcomb your hair a little and pin up everything on the back – creates a super chic finish.

Pompous and dared: Away with boring bridal hairstyles! This year, bridal hairstyles can be pompous and dared with a lot of volume – just the right style for a great performance.

High braid: By combing your hair strictly backwards and binding it into a high braid, you will conjure a grand look – consistent with flowing and pompous wedding dresses. Beautiful pearls or flowers put the finishing touches!

Floral headbands: Perfectly suited for open, long hair – especially in combination with beautiful waves or curls. Those hairstyles lend a pleasant lightness to simple wedding dresses and are the ideal choice for spring and summer weddings.

Cool, sexy and stylish: Laterally arranged hairstyles are still a hot trend! However, the look does not always need to be tight – here a variation for a cool and modern look: curl your hair, backcomb it for lots of volume – bring all your hair to one side and braid it into a loose plait (which does not need to be too tidy) – fix everything and add some glitter for the final touches.

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